SORRY FOR NOT POSTING ANYTHING FOR OVER A YEAR! Our contribution to keep this blog alive has been kinda lazy. To say the least... But for good reasons though! We've been very busy with all the things imaginable and it has totally been worth every effort. So. First we were honoured with the title of production company of the year 2016 at Voitto Gala. And with a gold award too for "Oikotie - Brothers" by director Anssi Määttä. Then, last week at Vuoden Huiput 2016, we got a good handful of different prizes from which the brightest definitely was director Ragnar Jansson's GOLD Huippu for the children and youth foundation's #lupaankuunnella -campaign. Not bragging or anything... ;) If you're interested, here is the complete list of our Vuoden Huiput awards: Pro bono -series: 1. Kultahuippu (Golden Peak): #lupaankuunnella-campaign. Moving picture -series: 2. Hopeahuippu (Silver Peak): Lidl - Live like the last summer day. 3. Hopeahuippu (Silver Peak): Salvation Army - Last safety net. Campaign -series: 4. Special prize in integrated marketing communications: Elisa Missionaries 2016. Thanks to everybody involved; agencies, clients and crew members, cheers!
VOITTO GALA MARCH 10th 2016 Otto Production was awarded with three Voitto's this year: BEST MUSIC for "Polar Night Magic", Lauri Porra, composer. BRONZE for Elisa Missionaries "Chicago", Markus Virpiö, director. GOLD for S-group "Owner's business card" Dome Karukoski, director. Thanks to our clients, agencies and freelancers who made it happen with us.
Long-time-tradition; Otto Christmas Tree is here again. We wish it gives joy to all people walking by. Joyful Holidays, Peace&Love :)
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